Sunday, April 18, 2010

Your Opinion on Skirt #20: Flowers and Honeycomb

We were out celebrating my friend's birthday the other night with a combination of crepes, nutella hot chocolate, and nutella smoothies. Why the combination of hot and cold drinks? Because it's still freezing at night, so we would take a couple sips of the smoothie, sigh with contentment, then switch off to the hot chocolate to keep warm and to admire the subtle differences between the two drinks. Our third friend thinks we're nuts. We're pretty happy the way we are, a slightly nutty duo, because being nutty is 100x's more fun if there's somebody else to be nutty with [kind of like crafting and DIY, no? Thank goodness for the online community!].

So I could use your opinion on this. When I saw this tutorial I thought it called out for really lightweight, floaty fabrics ... and since everybody's been going crazy about the AMH cotton voile and I've always loved her fabrics but have been recently growing disillusioned with quilting cottons and therefore never ordered any of her previous lines, and have been thus been looking for the right project = excuse to test out the cotton voile. So I did. And here's the result:

At first I really didn't like it on. It felt like that strange inbetween place of poofy enough to look blah and too short to hold the ruffles properly. At first I thought I either needed to take out some excess or make it 2x's my hip width [I fudged and made it ~1.3x's my hip width so that I could just buy 1 length of fabric ... it's 54" wide]. And I thought I needed to add a couple inches in length so it would fall properly.

I don't know, what do you think? Wearable? [Once I wear it properly so that it falls the same length front and back] Could I get away with making it narrower? Should I think about making it much, much fuller the next time around? And longer, or not? I'm still trying to get the hang of drape and hand and weight of fabric and whatnot. Also, I will mention this took me much longer than 20 minutes ... I am not good with gathers.

On a separate note, I've been working through The Artist's Way, and this coming week calls for a week without reading. As a student who graduates in six weeks [!!!], I am obviously going to have to fudge this one, so after some thought I've decided to go Tuesday-Saturday without reading, and hope it doesn't ruin the effect too much if I'm still doing a lot of writing for class/job applications/etc. But this also means no blog reading for a week! And very minimal email, I think. I think? Anyways, ack! I will see you all soon enough :-) [and I still have tomorrow to blog stalk!].


Antoinette said...

I think the skirt is darling as is. I would def. recommend making the next one 2x your hip width so you develop your preferences for how your skirts fit and feel to wear... you're right that the weight and drape make a big difference, and for me that much fullness limits the range of tops you can wear with it. But it can be really cute! OK, enough rambling. Good luck with the next 6 weeks!

Sigrid said...

Well, I got a little jolt when I saw this post, because I just bought that very same fabric, thinking of a floaty skirt.
I think you should wear it a bit and then decide, because I like it. Maybe after a few washes it will be less poufy and drape more. It does look a lot like the one in the tutorial you followed.

Zonnah said...

Go with your gut because if you are anything like me you know the second you put something on if you will wear it again or not.

What do you think about 'The Artist's Way'?