Monday, March 01, 2010

The tail end of February

On Saturday, a group of us got together to celebrate yuanxiaojie:

Homemade tangyuan! Yum. The colored blobs are our peanut and sesame filling, which we then wrapped in glutinous rice paste and boiled. Deeeeeeee-lish-us. [and if you notice, there is one, ahem, dumpling in the mix with the round balls. That's because a certain, ahem, somebody couldn't get the hang of rolling these up in bals without breaking the glutinous rice wrapper, but I was told it was a beautiful dumpling shape. My friends 很会安慰别人, or they know exactly what to say to soothe your feelings. Ha!]

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Zonnah said...

One day I will have to make some and see what they taste like. I love to try new recipes.