Friday, January 29, 2010

Blue Ingenue

Sweater #3: Ingenue.

I started this in early December, I remember, because I was sitting in the law school library knitting and reading the Portraits from a qualitative methods class as my friend John worked on his Epi, and at one point he looked over from where he was monkeying with statistical code to see my fingers flying as my eyes zoomed across the computer screen, and he couldn't stop laughing. If it weren't for the fact that he's getting a doctorate, I'm pretty sure he would have made some comment about how could we possibly be getting the same degree?

The sweater is from Wendy Bernard's Custom Knits, though I am going to have to shamelessly admit to using her pattern for the collar and edging details, the number of stitches to cast on, and then tossing the rest of the pattern straight out the window and just guesstimating as I went along. Luckily it turned out smoothly enough [I knit this with negative ease because I knew the yarn would be pretty stretchy], and I have worn it to bits over break as it fills a nice, gaping hole in my winter wardrobe.

I threw in an extra set of decreases in the back and did the waist increases at the side instead of front/back. I do like how the shaping mimics darts but my ssk technique definitely needs work! In fact, I love this pattern so much I went and ordered yarn for another one, since White Sweater is another gaping hole in my winter wardrobe. That one's proceeding a bit slowly though, given the certain amount of ripping out inherent in the guesstimation/winging it method to sweater construction [especially when you didn't jot down your modifications the first time around], so no promises on when it will show up on ye olde blog. Still! I am loving this one, I cannot tell you enough.


Zonnah said...

That is really cute! Good job :)

Sigrid said...

I love the shaping. I really must try and make myself something this nice.

Antoinette said...

You. Are. Amazing. This is a beautiful sweater. My niece is sitting next to me and looked over at your blog post. I told her you knit that sweater, and her eyes got big and she said, "Holy bananas!" I agree.