Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Woollens for the next half of the year

Ah, fall warmth, like I was talking about. Oh but wait, what are those? Yes, it's true. I've jumped on the Toast bandwagon and am loving it. Loving it.

Mimicking Leslie's photo shoot pose. These are made out of this really beautiful yarn I found at my LYS awhile back, one of those indulgence purchases. The colors were so beautiful that the same skein of yarn drew me over to that shop corner on three different visits. I took it as a sign.

At first I wasn't too sure what I'd think of Toast in variegated yarn, but I think I like the result. I wish you could see these in person - the colors are so, so rich and lustrous. Every time I peek down at my fingers I smile.
I made mine 8" wide at the bottom and decreased down to 7.5" at the top. Hence the slight 80's armwarmer look going on there. Which I'm still on the fence about, but I think it's a slouchiness that I like. Besides, I know from experience that if armwarmers are too tight around my knuckles they hurt after I wear them for awhile. Which, considering how easily my fingers get cold in winter, is never a good thing. I want to wear these foreeeeeeeever.

I might even ... be able to handle winter this year. Maybe that explains the sudden mad, overwhelming urge to knit these past few months.
Oh yes, and the top? I very shamelessly asked my ex-boyfriend to get it for me for my birthday. We have an understanding, him and I. And I love, love, love this top. It's perfect. Thank you Alex!!!

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urban craft said...

These are sweet! The knitting loops are not my friends but I will continue to make an attempt. And Yay for your This American Life t-shirt !