Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sent and Received

Enough philosophizing, back to the maker-ly aspect of this blog! Right-o. Let's do the Received first, because that is always so much more fun.

I was paired* with the lovely, lovely Kristine for Doll Quilt Swap 7 - which I initially wasn't going to sign up for, and then Rita sent me an "I will if you will!" email and I am horrible with that sort of peer pressure - and look what she sent me!!!

Wow. I think she nailed my aesthetic to the T. Matching but not? The same fabric in multiple colorways? Monochromatic, and yet the great amounts of fun you can have within that? And kerchief girl? Man, I have been crushing on that line ever since I saw Amanda make her daughter a dress with that ... probably 2 years ago. Then my wallet and I had to have a heart to heart talk and I was without kerchief girl, despondent until now because I am the proud owner of a very little bit of my own! The prints she chose, the composition, the craftsmanship -- I love it all!!!

In fact, I love it so much I decided to create a little wall mosaic around it:

Left to right: print from Abby Try Again, postcard from Zonnah, Black Apple postcard circa 2006.
Makes me smile every time I see it. Which is quite often, as it is hanging on the wall across from my bed.
Actually, that's not all that she sent. She also sent me this really great paper clip with a fabric covered button from Freshcut [I love that line!], a needle pack, and knee socks. Um, do I really wear my soul out on the Internet here? How could she tell that I am 1) never as organized as I need to be, 2) constantly lacking in handsewing instruments, due to lack of foresight when I moved here and sheer forgetfulness every time I am at the fabric store, 3) madly in love with knee socks??? OK, especially that last one, I know they're a personal trademark of mine, sometimes I forget how much of our personalities seeps out into our blogging/Flickr personas as well.
.. Sent ..
Slipped this one in the mail a couple weeks ago, and when I got a brief but ecstatic "I love it!" phone call from the recipient, I was happy to know it got there in one piece.

For the girl who loves bunnies. And purple and blue. And peach, pink, and other beautiful pastel colors. The dish cloth is made by Rita, but she kindly let me send it to Kat. It kind of goes with the mug, actually. I wonder if you could use it as a coaster Kat? Or would that be too much?
Anyways. The scarf was made by me. It's Clapotis by Kate Gilbert, and my first time trying a bona fide fancy schmancy knitting pattern. I used a bamboo/wool blend sock yarn in a colorway that says "Kat!!!" like no other. A little graduation/housewarming/neckwarming gift for her one year general dentistry residency program.

The yarn knitted up to a really thin, drape-y scarf that should be perfect for northern CA weather. Not stifling, good for spring and fall evenings, winters, or maybe even the occasional over-air conditioned summer day.

Ah, fall. The nip is in the air! As much as I like fall weather, I'm a little bit in denial, too. Mostly because I dread the 6 months of slush that follow our 3 weeks of beautiful weather in Boston. Oh well. Gotta make the most of it.

At least there will be knee socks. I'm thinking I should make it a personal mission to wear them every day for those 3 weeks straight. My brand spanking new ones from Kristine will see lots of action. Because yellow and gray? Sexiness.
Happy Labor Day weekend to all!
*Oops, I mean, she was paired with me and I need to stop being a bum and finish my doll quilt and send it off to my recipient!


Zonnah said...

That doll quilt is beautiful! Also, you did such a great job on the scarf. I have been wanting to make that pattern for a long time now :)

瑛翹 said...

it's actually very useful as a pot holder...

i love my new scarf!! can't wait to wear it... which will be soon b/c the weather's cooling down. it's even raining today!