Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We return to our [ir]regularly scheduled programming!

I'm back!!! SO sorry to have disappeared like that, I can explain, really ~

-Moving apartments took WAY longer [and more people] than I expected, plus I have no internet at the new place at the moment
-Flew back to CA, squeezed ridiculously large friend-catch-up into a ridiculously small number of days
-Flew out to Beijing to see my brother!!!

I had the grandest plans to update you all while I was there, but the very first night I landed in China I realized that the Great Firewall of China does not currently like Blogger, and has it on its black list. Why? I have no idea, but this explains why my brother's blog has been silent for the last few months. I've told him to email me his blog posts and I will post for him.

There was speculation the site blockage had to do with the [then upcoming] 6/4 anniversary - you know, the one that is one month after the 5/4 anniversary that marks the beginning of the revolution that eventually tumbled China into civil war and ultimately into the hands of its current political leadership, and also the anniversary date of Tiananmen.

But anyways. After much traipsing through China [and oh man, about 14 hours on a bus in a 2 day time period, PLUS 5 additional hours in a taxi] I'm back and can't wait to share past adventures and current! Plus I've got lots planned for this summer :-). In the meantime, though, I'm fighting to stay awake to fight off jet lag [hm, like when that 1.5 hour nap suddenly exploded into a 3.5 hour one? hehe], but when I upload photos I'll be sure to share! Especially since I received some ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL mail that I CANNOT WAIT to share!!! Thanks Zonnah!!! I love it so much, it is going with me EVERYWHERE from now on!!!

OK, but to make this a non-pictureless post ...

Digging in ... and seeing how well Denyse Schmidt's fabric lines play with each other ...


Zonnah said...

lol...I am gald you liked it! Sounds like you have been very busy and at the same time having fun. Good for you :)

Antoinette said...

Wow, what a world traveller! Look forward to seeing photos of your journeys.

Rita said...

Wow you've done a lot in the last few days! Trip to China sounds awesome and great to catch up with your bro! I can't wait to see what loveliness Zonnah made you! yaaaay!