Monday, June 29, 2009

Daily Miscellaney

Your daily dose of miscellaney. 6/29/09.

I had no cash on me today so I used my student ID to swipe in for some candy from the vending machine. Are my eyes deceiving me, or did it charge me $0.27 for a $0.90 candy bar, and is this normal? This could be dangerous. Very dangerous.

Oh, but look! My CSA. I am in lurve. Lurve, I tell you. So many greens, such an affordable price. Eating local, supporting family farms, trying out new greens. Heavenly goodness.

-For meeting with my boss at 11AM today. Thank goodness he didn't take me up on my 8AM offer, sheesh. Sometimes those extra couple hours to get started in the morning are really, really nice.
-NYC this past weekend! I stayed with some friends from my Fulbrighting days and oh my, it was fabulous. I haven't seen XLT or Steve since 2006, and Laurie and I always manage to find interesting moments in mundane places, like when we were staring at a random flea market and trying to decide which cuff links to get her boyfriend for a hypothetical big gift moment. She went for a jousting knight, I opted for the bejeweled gold circles that looked both green and pink, depending on the lighting.
-For this "Hour of Power" concept that Laurie introduced me to. Apparently she and Mark will work for one hour, no email, no talking to each other, just focus. It's a really good way to get those procrastination-prone projects started, and Laurie's always been good at coming up with catchy names. One of many reasons why she's so well suited to journalism.

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