Sunday, May 03, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Went for a long run this morning. Made it all the way down to Jamaica Pond and started around the pond, admiring the trees of gold and green and brown and their reflections in the pond, the tiny children out with families and old couples taking slow strolls around the water. Turned back before circling the whole lake, though -- I've heard it makes for a 6 mile loop from my apartment, and I like my knees well enough to not jump them from 3 to 6 miles in one go.

I tried out Orangette's slow-roasted tomatoes, the ones from her book where you let them slowly swelter in the oven for upwards of 4 hours. I didn't have any coriander on hand but in my humble opinion, they are plenty amazing without. So amazing that, true to form, I promptly squirted tomato all over myself in the first eating, I was that excited. And then scrubbed my skirt clean and stood naked at the counter and at the rest of my tomatoes straight from the pan [I live alone].

Tulips from DC. Absolutely stunning jolts of color everywhere in the city. We couldn't stop taking photos.

This month, Anna and I are doing something creative every day and emailing about it to each other. This month, I am going to be in better touch with friends. This month, I will complain less, work smarter, laugh more, and spend time with friends -- especially those who are leaving this school at the end of the year, a mere 3 weeks away. 3 weeks??? Where has the time gone? I still remember standing there nervously on the first day of orientation, sweating in the Boston heat and trying not to look uncertain in the smiles and glances I threw to the others in the room. It's one step back for every two steps forward. Which means I'm off to the sewing machine and then to write that survey that I keep keep keep putting off.

Great mix found here. Thank you Rita!

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koala brains said...

Ran 3 miles and that's a lazy day? I don't think so! :) Good idea on not jumping from 3-6. I hurt my right knee running and it may be because I increased my miles too quickly. I can be impatient but lesson learned!