Wednesday, May 06, 2009

In Need of a Redo II

Oi. o_O. So I resewed up the side hems and fiddled around for a janky solution to the inner waistband facing refitting of the first Oi Moment, and here's what I came up with:

Which looks pretty promising, right? Ah, if only my waist were that tiny. [Although I have to say, and don't ask me how but I stumbled across this yesterday and was HORRIFIED. Stuffing yourself into a 6" diameter corset??? When your waist is already 22"??? Good heavens, Barbie herself has a 19" waist and we KNOW how normally proportioned she is (hint: if she were a real person, she would fall over, she's so top heavy). I hear bones cracking every time I look at that photo. Ugh. HOW could that be attractive???]

Anyways. Back to real life. Here's the best "on the body" shot I could come up with, and it was clearly a mistake photo, which is what I get for setting the timer function to 2 seconds to save on batteries.

Hello Runners Calves.

I love the fabric, its this great waffle-y textured-y seersucker-y summer-y plaid, very lightweight and comfy with the slightest bit of stretch. Perfect to pad about doing laundry in, or sit at the computer and stress about the survey that was not writing itself [ugh], or to get up multiple times and make myself whatever health/comfort foods could be scrounged up in the fridge. This is a thrifted L mens shirt and I'm now understanding why people don't try this unless they are 1) impossibly tall and skinny, or 2) they have a XL or XXL shirt to work with.

The real problem with this skirt, I've decided, is that this skirt doesn't have a wide enough hem diameter, so that the elastic waistband bunches and bulges in a funny way and doesn't get the chance to drape properly. I have this strange Perfectionist 80/20 Exception Rule where sometimes that first 80% of effort will only net me 20% satisfaction because the details are off just enough that I know I'll never use the darn thing, so the comfort vs. aesthetic inner struggle was bothering me for the longest time until I remembered this skirt and if memory serves, the dimensions of the 2 skirts are actually about the same. So there might be even more pleats in my future. But I think I deserve a one week armistice before I go picking out the inner facing and figure out what to do for a waistband.

In other exciting news, happily geeking out to public health articles and excited about the geekingoutness of it all. I love nerdiness.

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Antoinette said...

This came out super-cute! Yes, I think some pleats would help reduce the bulk caused by the elastic waistband. The denim skirt you referenced is a great choice. Do you have enough fabric from the original shirt's sleeves for the facing/ waistband, or are you preferring a contrast fabric for those?

Well done! :)