Sunday, March 15, 2009

Return of the purple

Finding evermore ways to bring purple into my life.

My version of the Philly Cowl, knit with almost an entire skein of Manos, it finished up a bit smaller than expected but I just blocked it aggressively and love the way it turned out. Originally I thought about making a hat, maybe this one or even this one, but each time I cast on and started working them up, it just didn't feel right so I frogged them and stared at Ravelry some more. Finally, inspired by these versions I settled on this cowl.

It took some practice to get the pattern right, but overall I'm super thrilled with this cowl. Wool though it is, I'm thinking I can layer it over a couple T's and stretch it into spring. Especially since spring is late coming in these parts.

Things I'm loving today:

-Hearing my neighbor sing to his daughter as they leave the apartment and prepare for a walk around the neighborhood. The song is in Farsi so I have no idea what it's about, but he has a beautiful voice and sings with real emotion.
-The skies outside are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. The CA girl in me never thought I'd say that about the type of blue sky that emerges for 40-degree weather, but I've been aching for signs of spring for weeks now. After I finish this and gather my list of groceries to buy, I'm off for a short jaunt myself and then a quick stop by the grocery store.
-Ginger snaps and milk for breakfast.
-Lying in bed and reading.
-The unknown possibilities of the day.

[Things I'm not loving today: finals. But that's another story.]


Kerri said...

oh, i think it is lovely!! looks so warm and cozy. :)

Rita said...

OOoooo the purple and the zigzags are so yum!! You're definitely getting me to really love purple now! what a wonderful knit cowl to keep away the chill! stay warm, dear!