Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A New Week

... a new list of things to get through.

But instead, let us contemplate water. Water and snow.

Crafting-wise, goals for the week?

-Finish one of the two skirts I have laying around just begging for those last few runs through the sewing machine. OK, um, to varying loose definitions of "few."
-Doll quilt? Maybe?
-More granny squares?
-Hem jeans. Twiddle with waistband of other pair, utilizing the magic thread-elastic-through-back-waistband-to-salvage-jeans trick.
-Figure out craft gifting options for Anna [possibilities identified], Jamie [ideas], Rudy [source material], Henry [no clue as of yet].

Hm, I don't think those are goals. I think that's a wish list. I also think that if you come back in a month, half those things will still be on the wish list.

Ah yes, a clear work space. A world of difference!

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