Monday, June 09, 2008

WIP: random-pieced quilt tops

Almost done with Alex's quilt top! I still have to add a border, but here's a very shoddy picture of the work in progress:

A mix of new, vintage and scrap fabrics. I still need to add a border. Contemplating, contemplating. He did say he wanted random. I think this is the largest quilt that I've made to date, and I'm contemplating machine quilting part of it to speed up the process. Gah, that's an intimidating thought. Guess I'd better look into acquiring an actual walking foot for my machine.

Also, it occurs to me that I never uploaded a photo of the my other random-pieced quilt top, the one with the giant floral print that I finished up several months ago. Here it is in shoddy format as well, lying rumpled on my bed/futon and also without a border:

Believe it or not I actually planned out the entire random look before i started the quilt. And, of course, made changes as I went along, but still, it was a bit of a logistical nightmare to try to coordinate everything. I think I wanted to showcase the large print and use accenting solids ... which this is, more or less. Seeing it now, I realize I probably should have designed it differently if I was really going to showcase the large floral print, but live and learn, I guess.

In contrast, Alex's wasn't nearly as planned. I'd hoped it would be something of a scrap-buster and it was, to a certain extent ... except that I keep accumulating scraps from other projects, and, despite passing on a good number of scraps to a friend and some of my former youth workers, I still have quite a box full of them. I'm thinking of calling it the Never Ending Story of Scrapville. The Eternal Dance of the Scraps? Anyways, much of his quilt is scrap-pieced and I haven't ventured away from squares and rectangles just yet ...

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Rita said...

wow! it's very cool and colorful! can't wait to see it finished! I see so much heart went into this ^_^