Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Clucking around

A quilting beauty from my aunt. You know, the one who got me into sewing when I was like 9.

I think she had a thing for chickens, because there's a tiny lap quilt version of this very same motif, thus this quilt [that I am currently sleeping under ... one silk comforter, one down comforter, one heirloom quilt later and it STILL sometimes takes me half an hour to get warm. There's something wrong with my circulation] is also referred to as 'the giant chicken quilt!'

To differentiate it from the 'small chicken quilt.' Naturally.

I love these fabrics ...

And these too ...

She was so ahead of her time!

I admit it, the motivation behind this post was procrastination, pure and simple. Gah! to responsibility. And to common sense. Apparently I just don't read the bolded print, never mind the fine print ...

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