Thursday, October 18, 2007

The 4 R's: Recycle

Recycle: Glass bottles to be recycled.

Recycle: Reducing the number of household items that need to be bought by reusing glass bottles for other purposes, such as storage containers or as water bottles or as vases [shown here, right ~> left], and recycling the rest that do not fit these needs.

A couple recycling factoids:

- The demand for recycled glass far exceeds the available supply
- Clear recycled glass is the most valuable, so be sure to recycle as many of those as possible
- If glass is shattered or otherwise contaminated, it can be recycled into road construction or as landfill cover, but obviously this is not as good as melting it down to make new bottles
- For paper, the plastic window envelopes can often be recycled [no need to painstakingly cut these out, as I had been known to do before I discovered this fact - I'm obsessive, I know], and staples often are OK too [so no need to painstakingly cut off all the corners with staples in them or wreck your nails trying to remove 50 bazillion staples - again with the obsessive streak]
- Aluminum is quite profitable for the recycling industry.
- Although the overall volume of recycled goods is still increasing, the percentage of total solid waste materials being recycled has decreased.

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