Monday, February 26, 2007

A Brief Hiatus

Shanghai, March 2006. View From Jennie's Place.

So I admit these photos have nothing to do with the post. But every post needs some pictures to make things interesting, no? And I realized I've been really bad about posting China pictures, so here we go. Maybe this will be a start. Gosh, looking at these photos, I realize how long ago China was. I mean, sheesh, practically a YEAR since I took these photos. A year. My goodness. It seems [and is] a world away, and yet in the smallest details in my life and in the way it clings to my heart, China is everpresent, memories cherished and lessons still impactful, even to this day.

The PAD is going to take a brief hiatus because I left my photo uploader at home and I'm not quite sure of the next time I'll be back in the PA. I'll still be shooting away, some days more successfully than others, but in the meantime ...

... in the meantime, what an excellent question. What have I been doing with my time? Mostly unwinding, to be honest, but this way I actually feel balanced. I think I need to furnish the room a bit more to actually make it feel inviting. Comfortable. Home. Like tonight, waffling forever in Walgreens, trying to decide which lightbulb to get to brighten up that little lamp [I know this really doesn't seem like the hardest decision in the world, but I get all ... hm ... which flourescent should I get ... 60W equivalent or 75W equivalent? Do we think 75 will be too bright? But won't it be a pity to just go for 60W equivalent and then not have sufficiently increased the lighting in the room, therefore wasting the money I spent on brighter lighting because it still isn't bright enough? ... oh, halogen, now that sounds familiar ... what is this wattage business again? ... and then ... darnit, the bulbs I bought won't fit and I
really don't want to settle for incandescent, must I???].

I suppose this all would be easier if I wasn't working weekends. I need a desk that is actually proper desk height and not a couple inches shorter [i.e. neck stiffness inducing], and large enough that I can comfortably fit my laptop [later, the sewing machine will cozy on up too] and a leeeeeettle bit of crap/mess [because I can never be counted on to be perfectly spic-and-span], a lounging/curling-up chair would be nice, for reading and crafting and writing and generally contemplating this life and this world [ideally something quirky, unique, individual, NOT Ikea or Target], and probably another bookshelf or two, because we all
know I need the storage space. And I need more lamps, because there just isn't sufficient lighting in my place.

And then, maybe, things will really start to come together. Oh life, must I really start you over again every time I move? Oh Jessica, must you really move around so very often?

Rhetorical. Always rhetorical. Them's the paradigms in life.

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