Saturday, January 27, 2007


24: Because We Like Red Doors. From my walk with E during lunch. Yeay lunchtime walks. I think I am officially behind on the 500 Mile Goal.

Also from that evening, fruit for Alice. A small token of appreciation for taking me in so often during this past month. I brought some of these from home, and then since at work we sometimes get food from the food bank and I am the only one in the office to eat the green apples [remember those?], I loaded up on some more to give to Alice.

25: The Evening Commute Home. Shot of the civic center area. I'm not crazy about this shot, but hey, some days you only snap a couple shots. S is totally right, this is an awesome place to walk by on the way back from work. Just like I hike a mile up Van Ness most mornings to start off my day, often I hike a mile back down to catch the bus right after everyone gets off at Market and the 47 is blissfully empty on its way to deadending at the Caltrain depot.

26: Mirror, Mirror On the Wall. Actually the original purpose of this shot was to highlight my gorgeous flower pin, a great garage sale find that I found as part of my January challenge. The woman said she thought it might be from the 60s. I love accessories, I really do, and this one ... well, I love the statement that it makes. Definitely on the lookout for more outfits to carry the color and boldness. I love those things but I also love feminine and bohemian-skirt-slightly-ethnic-chic looks, as well as the TotalClashing look [more like TOTALclashing look], and then there's the GeneralImpracticalnessLook. Almost too many personalities to be contained in one wardrobe. Really, I know it sometimes seems shallow in this society to be very into clothing [not much for fashion, but I do love putting outfits together], but I can't help it, its something I like. Now personal grooming on the other hand, I still need a lot of work on. Makeup? *looks around wildly.* Those eyebrows? Eh. Oh well. Maybe one of these decades.

See now this is a great example of how much I still need to learn about photography. This was another effect that I went for via Picasa, and I have to say that I'm rather conflicted about the result. I think I like the first version better. I mean, sure this focuses in on the flower, which was the point [and I guess if it was on the other side then you could be melodramatic and say it was symbolic of the heart, etc.etc.etc.] ... but I dunno. I think it doesn't quite work as well. But maybe other people think otherwise.

Hehe. Laundry nights at the apartment. Being the slight-environmental-freak that I am, I've been convincing the parents to hang dry a lot of their clothing. Elsa and I did it all the time in China cuz dryers just didn't really exist there. But I used to do it in college too, with some of my clothing, even though it might be a pain to run up and down between the laundry and my room, carrying baskets of wet clothing and then hunting around for every bare spot in my room to hang up damp socks and underwear and assorted t's and jeans and whatnot. I dunno. I kinda like it. And I'm sure the environment thanks me too. Kinda makes up for the other ways I'm not so environmentally conscious.

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