Thursday, November 09, 2006

not much to write home about ...

... but I'm gonna do it anyways.

In China I started carrying a little notebook + pen with me everywhere - or as often as I could remember to hunt one up and stuff it into my bag - for all those wonderfully random thoughts and sentence fragments that jump into my brain out of the blue.

And while I definitely picked up some while I was there, recently I found myself needing a couple more. What's a crafter to do? Use-what-you-have and make some, of course!

Some cardboard lying around the apartment after the move to give the covers some strength, scratch paper inside, covered with stationery and taped together with my mom's address labels. Um, we don't live at that house anymore, and even if we did, she's got labels coming out of her ears and then some, so until someone in the apartment gets around to buying tape [erg, that should probably be me], address labels it is for everything and anything that needs to be stuck together. Classy, I tell you.

So anyways I'm pretty happy with these little bits, though I'm not sure how crazy I am for the elastic band. Great concept, probably needs more than some address labels to hold them down.

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