Saturday, November 25, 2006

For grandma

Generally inspired by these bags and more, and modified from this tutorial. Had to make the bag bottom narrower because the watermelon fabrics from here came cut 2.5" wide, and I have no idea where to get magnetic clasps [because I've looked so hard] so I just used a button closure instead, from my mom's little tin of buttons from ten or twenty years ago. The body isn't quilted as much because I still don't really trust myself to sew in a straight line, not white thread on black fabric anyways. And then I quilted the strap to try to hide a little [big] mistake, but I really like the texture and if I do this bag again in the future [probably], maybe I'll just keep quilting the strap.

K: do you see where I started going off on black and white fabric?


Kathleen said...

how in the world do you sneak b&w into watermelon theme colored fabric?!?!

the "inspiration" bags are really cute... even the green one. I think it just has to do w/ great coloring matching.

jessica said...

no ... the black and white came from the inspiration bags and the way she matched her fabrics ... it creates a really nice effect.

i couldn't do ALL red and green for a watermelon bag, it would be too much ...