Thursday, November 02, 2006

footing around

I've figured out the secret to getting me out of the fabric store without doing too much damage. Wear heels.

At 5'2" and change, one might think I would be a huge fan of heels. Not so. Halfway through 11th grade I stopped wearing them, due to multiple hamstring injuries from badminton and cross country. And wearing heels at Berkeley? Please. I always lived at the top of some hill or other - this on a campus filled with hills. And then in China I was forever walking or biking places [not that you can't bike in heels, I did it in high school] and plus its just so dirty and dusty there. And then I've got flat feet, one leg's slightly longer than the other, blah blah blah, no point really in paining the feet any more than is necessary.

Nope. I'm much more of a fan of these kinds of shoes:

Flat. That's how I like it.

So wearing those old heels from the turn of the millennia [can we tell I'm not a huge fashion trend person?] got me in and out of the fabric store in about ten minutes. Not bad.

Of course, then, why oh why did I go out and buy these recently?

They're just so cute! Never mind the narrow heel [haven't got the ankles for that] or the 3" incline that grossly breaks my nothing-more-than-2" rule [recently a 1" rule, and a stretch at that]. And I love the heels-and-skirt look, which, judging by the number of skirts in my closet, these could get quite the workout.

Now to learn how to walk on my tippeytoes ...

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