Saturday, October 28, 2006

old into new

My old pincushion (or rather my mom’s) was in rather sad shape

(you can see I was spewing sawdust about the apartment for awhile)

So I decided to make a new one. And in the spirit of the 4R’s*, I thought I’d reuse the stuffing from the old in the new.

Witness the feeding process:

You can see the deflating former pincushion in the background. That pincushion saw me through many, many projects. I'm sad to see it go, but happy that part of the old can live on in the new.

Kind of a messy guy, isn't he? You know its bad when you start making yum, yum, yum! gutturals. Or in my case, high pitched baby talk gutturals.

Anyways, after a bit of burping the baby and mopping up the spills that somehow missed the nonexistant bib ... Tada!!!

There was some leftover sawdust and I didn’t want my little darling to feel lonesome, so I thought I’d make a cousin …

They’re sitting all plump and squashy in my bookcase right now, happy in their handstitched goodness. I grin every time I walk by them.

*Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot. I’ve perked up though at the thought of the fourth R, more on that later in another post, all I’ve gotta say right now is: wormies!

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